[Guide to taking the metro in KL] Which metro line to take and buying tokens

Untitled 3

Note: This is a somewhat outdated tutorial in that the stored-value card is no longer the RapidKL card. The RapidKL card has been replaced by the Touch ‘n Go card which is more versatile, as it can be used for other payments. When I made this video, the new metro line, MRT, was not launched yet. With the launch of MRT, public transportation connectivity is significantly improved. The MRT line connect through tourist areas such as Bukit Bintang, Central Market, Chinatown and KL Sentral. I hope to make a video on the MRT line in the near future.

Getting around KL using public transportation and navigating  the metro system of KL its surrounding neighborhoods can be pretty intimidating. There are so many lines to choose from and the various lines are not necessarily integrated in the most efficient manner. The main lines are the MRT, LRT, Monorail and KTM. I hope this tutorial will give you an idea of what to expect (and what not to expect) of the metro lines of (greater) KL and how to navigate the complex web of the subway system of KL! For help with planning your journey, please consult this planner page of the official operator of the subway lines in KL, RapidKL, and of course, Google Maps!

My tutorial comes in two parts as our attempt to film the journey was interrupted by an interesting evacuation (not a drill!) which was also captured on film.

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