Budget clean and green eating in Malaysia: My experiment

For a week or so a few months back, I decided to conduct on experiment on whether it’s possible to spend only MYR10 per day or MYR70 per week on food in Malaysia.

This experiment was a success. Of course, the caveat is that you’d have to cook your own food. I vlogged about how I prepped for the attempt, shopping at the Chow Kit Market for fresh produce as well as an “international” supermarket for items not available at the supermarket.

My groceries included vegetables, fruits, cheese and more. I had set out wanting to make two dishes every day and talk about recipes, prepping and cooking in my videos. I did not end up making a video of all the dishes, which would come up to 14 dishes over 7 days, but I sure had enough ingredients for more than 14 dishes!

This was how the experiment went:

1. Day 0: I went grocery shopping at Chow Kit Market:

2. Day 0: I went shopping at an “international” supermarket for imported ingredients.

3. Day 0: I made kimchi for the dishes that I would be making for the week.

4. Day 1 of cooking – Meal 1: Making easy stove-top vegetable naan pizza

5. Day 1 of cooking – Meal 2: Tomato omelette & hummus with carrots

6. Day 2 of cooking: Vegetarian spring roll/popiah

7. Day 3 of cooking: Vegetarian Sundubu Jjigae & Bibimbap

8. Day 4 of cooking: Pasta aglio e olio (plus me unboxing my Wüsthof knife!)

9. Day 5 of cooking: Endamame & Egg tofu with pakchoy


10. Day 6 of cooking: Easy stove-top naan pizza

I hope these videos inspire you to try out some clean and green eating recipes!






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