Selamat datang! Welcome to Malaysia (Kinda Asia)!

The name of this website, Malaysia Kinda Asia, is a play on Tourism Malaysia’s tagline, Malaysia Truly Asia. I am sure promotional materials of Tourism Malaysia have infiltrated most corners of the world. Whenever I introduced myself as Malaysian abroad, the first thing I get in reply was “Malaysia Truly Asia”.

The genesis of this website, which I would roughly categorize as a travel blog on Malaysia, is my Malaysia travel and living vlog on my namesake YouTube channel, started in August 2016 when a friend made a series of videos of me giving Malay lessons. Since then, I’ve ventured into other types of content, based on my expertise and interest.

I am not an authority on all things Malaysian as I have lived abroad half my life. Therefore, I thought “Malaysia Kinda Asia” was a fitting name for the content that I produce on Malaysia because my perspectives might make Malaysia look just “Kinda Asia” and not quite Truly Asia, if you get what I mean.

But I believe that I have interesting perspectives to share as I always find myself comparing my experiences from traveling and living abroad to those I have in Malaysia to make sense of things. I hope to provide guides and stories with the awareness that most local things may not be intuitive to foreigners, so I would provide explanations to help foreigners understand the local contexts better.

The content on this website are primarily broken down into five categories and based off of the YouTube videos I made on the respective subjects:

Languages – This is where I post blogs and videos on the languages we speak in Malaysia

Budget Travel & Living – It’s specifically budget because I only know how to travel budget. These are a sort of a budget travel guide to Malaysia.

Activities – From time to time, I will cover activities that are of interest to me in Malaysia

Food – How can one have a website on Malaysia without talking about food?

Issues & Events – You might find me ranting here.

Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to check out my posts and watch my YouTube videos for Malaysia travel guide and tips. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!